Monday, September 22, 2014

YogaFit Training: Prenatal

Session was held at the Shift Fitness and Massage Studio, NE Minneapolis, MN.   The instructor was the fabulous and dynamic Katie S.  Yoga peeps, I could listen to her for hours, she is so incredibly knowledgeable about anatomy, alignment, kinesiology, biomechanics, prenatal, postpartum and yoga and how it is all inter-related. 

The session started right at 8am, with a smaller class of 10.  Eight of us knew each other from either the Level 4 training  or Anatomy and Alignment.  What made the class even better, was we had an delivery nurse taking the session, so she brought her knowledge and understanding to compliment the instructors.

We did a review of the Courses Purpose:
  • Safety for Mom and Baby
  • Physiology, hormonal and bio-mechanics of pregnancy
  • Emotional aspects
  • Sleep
  • Importance of nutrition (did not go into depth or details)
  • Social Support
  • Breathing
  • Poses
And ultimately, the message for the Mommy-to-Be, "Yeah, you can, but should you.  What risks are you incurring to you and your baby?"

It's those risks as related to yoga that we would be covering, for either a prenatal specific class OR if you have a regular in one of your classes who becomes pregnant.  

We touched on the Three Trimesters and what's happening physically.

We discussed breathing that's appropriate - because the breath is linked to the nervous system and has a direct impact on Mom and baby.

We stuffed pillows up our shirts and did a 90 minute moving yoga session to simulate what it's like to move (minus the weight of an actual baby). 

And we did a pose discussion - what is appropriate and safe for a pregnant woman during the various trimesters then broke down a handful of partner poses.

Now, I will say this is a summary of most of what covered. The conversation and discussion walked a mid-line between holding a prenatal specific class with newer-to-yoga students and having a regular yoga practitioner in one's class.   For the regular, long(er) practicing Mommy, this is where the statement: "Yeah, you can, but should you.  What risks are you incurring to you and your baby?" really comes into play, because of all the hormonal changes happening to the Mom's body she may not be aware of. 

A lot of what we covered could also be used for a Senior Class (though YogaFit does have a Senior specific training that I'll probably be taking at a later date), a class for Guys or for a larger body type.  Heck, it could also be used in a restorative class!   The Prop workshop also compliments any of these trainings.

Overall, I was very pleased to finally get some Prenatal instruction.  My only criticism of the session was the class was a bit short for the topic being covered - perhaps there was the assumption that we were all women, so either you had kids or were planning on having kids and understood much of this (which is not true).  And the class got a bit squirrel-y toward the end of the day so maybe skipping breaks and having a working lunch isn't necessarily conducive to a learning environment.  I would have like a longer discussion on poses.  But, at least I have something to work with now.

Highly recommend this training.