Monday, April 7, 2014


I recently attended a class where the instructor related a story about one of her little boys and breathing, and after mulling it over for several days, I decided I needed to write this one down. 

She said:  When Otto was little and just learning his numbers, he had a bit of trouble getting beyond "one".  He would pick up an object and say "one" and set it aside. Then he would pick up the next object and say "one", and the next toy, "one", and the next, "one"..."one", "one", "one".   For Otto, there was only "one". 

We should cultivate that attitude with our breath - there is only "one".  One inhale, One exhale.  One moment. One Pose. One Breath. Not ten, eleven, or twelve, only One. 

Then I got to thinking, in these days of revealing in our multitasking, that we could cultivate this attitude even farther, to be present with:

One task at a time
One person at a time
One thing at a time

Because it all starts with One Breath. 

Thank you,  Jillian!