Sunday, June 9, 2013

YogaFit Training: Level 3 (MBF Minneapolis)

I was able to attend YogaFit’s Mind Body Fitness (MBF) in Minneapolis recently.    You can read about my experience with Level 1Training in Feb here, which inspired me to take the opportunity to attend a full conference.   Level 2 is the previous post.

Level 3 was Thursday and Friday, the start of what was going to be a very full weekend.  The days are well structured and very well run – which is one of the things that I like about the YogaFit trainings.  They give you the class format and they stick to the class format.   It’s a combination of discussion/lecture, movement, and small group work. 

Level  Three emphasizes “Introspection”.  The session starts out with a review of the YogaFit Essence, YogaFit workout, and  Seven Principles of Alignment, and which are all a review of what was introduced Level 1 and Level 2 and will continue to be a solid and integral part of the YogaFit system. 

I already discussed how a training day progresses in Level 1 and 2: discussion, workout, small breakout groups.  Same format here.  I do like the consistency and breaks are incorporated right in.  No need to worry that you won’t get that bathroom run in or time for munchies. 

In two days, we covered:
The Paths of Yoga (Raja, Karma, Jnana, Bhakti)
The Mind-Body connection (le brain)
Level 3 poses and adjustments

I really enjoyed the Level 3 session – it was a group of engaging people and a very knowledgeable instructor.  Still a fair amount of review for me, but not nearly as much as Level 2.   The Chakras were not as hokey as I thought they would be and I actually would have liked a bit more breakdown than we got.  Again, I thought there wasn’t enough emphasis on the poses and adjustments, but that might be my background coming through.  A downside of coming into this training with 9 years of teaching experience – I’m not a beginning yoga instructor anymore. 

I have mixed thoughts on the breathwork – I don’t think there was enough discussion on when to incorporate and how to incorporate the breathwork.  Having done this as part of an Iyengar-style class I used to take, it was very methodical and structured.  What I’m seeing from YogaFit trained instructors in my area is the breath is just ‘tacked on’ in the beginning with no regard to how long or an explanation to the class of why.  It’s done because the instructor was told to do it.   So while I liked the review, the pranayama as taught and being part of a flow class remains questionable to me. 

I’m looking forward to taking Level 4. 


Sara said...

Hey Kristin - I'm enjoying reading about your YogaFit experience. Good for you for taking this training. Even if is a lot of review, as a teacher, I know I benefit from taking additional trainings. And I like getting out of the studio to experience new perspectives. Sounds like you do too.

Also, I'm curious about the Yamas & Niyamas part - did they teach with Deborah's book?

Kristin said...

Hi Sara,

We definitely share similar views on training - I know for myself, once is really not enough. And sometimes neither is two or three times. Repetition, repetition, repetition!

And yes, YogaFit uses Deborah's book! I over heard soooo many good comments about it too. :)

Sara said...

That's awesome!