Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Fountain of Youth

I was at a party on New Years Eve and talking to one of the other guests.  We were discussing the places he traveled to in 2012 and places he and his wife were going to travel to in 2013.  Both years were many and varied, fascinating and interesting, for pleasure and for family.

Somewhere in the conversation, I said in polite jest, "Well, if you find the fountain of youth, please let me know!".

And he replied, "Oh, but I have..."  

This is what he said:

One - Practice a variety of exercise.  Don't stick with just one thing.

Two - Eat correctly.

Three - Read motivational books.** 

Four - Volunteer, donate your time and energy; practice the principle of giving without the expectation of anything in return. 

**As an avid book reader myself, I pursued the question of why motivational books?  He felt motivational books were a better way to engage the mind and to better oneself.  We discussed this further, to which I expressed the opinion that just the act of reading can be beneficial - one is still engaging the mind, but yet, for many of us, reading is a form of relaxation which is just as important in our hectic and overly busy worlds.  And in a society where so many people just 'zone out' in front of the TV, I feel the act of turning OFF the TV and picking up any kind of literature is a start. 

A fascinating discussion to be having on the end of one year, and on the cusp of the next.  Simple, practical, doable. 

Happy New Year!