Monday, June 11, 2012

The Science of Yoga by William J Broad; Part VII Muse

This final chapter dealt with the idea or concept of Yoga as Muse from an artists standpoint, using well known actors and musicians from the 1940's through modern times as examples.  I rather wondered why this chapter was in the book; from a scientific standpoint, there wasn't much science behind this - all the other chapters had already expounded on how yoga affects our physical and mental health, how yoga affects the brain chemistry, our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems and even testosterone levels.

So yeah, if you are doing yoga it might inspire your creativity.  Your brain is flush with chemicals, your muscles are relaxed, you are rested, you've had your green smoothie because you know the importance of eating right, and you had awesome sex the night before.  So why wouldn't yoga inspire creativity? 

An odd chapter in my opinion that really didn't add much. 

So with Part VII: Muse, I will end my review of the Science of Yoga.  I will let you read the Epilogue without my commentary.  These chapter reviews are just my opinion and interpretation on what I thought was a fairly good read overall.  If you were expecting this to be an in depth look at yoga from a philosophical viewpoint, look elsewhere.  If you are thinking of doing yoga, are doing yoga, or just want a better understanding of the science behind the practice, I would recommend this book. 

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