Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Studio Review! CorePower, Edina, MN

My travels recently took me down to the Twin Cities, specifically Bloomington.  I knew I would have a bit of extra time on my hands and desperately wanted to fit in a couple yoga classes.  Corepower was on my travel paths AND offered classes that would easily fit into my schedule.  Other advantage: new-to-me studio! 

I arrived 10 minutes before class (later than I wanted but it was the best I could do driving straight from Duluth), was greeted warmly, given a quick tour and settled in on my mat.  This was a C2 class lead by Bethany.

CorePower Yoga 2 – Open Power Yoga: CorePower Yoga is a truly unique yoga practice based on intuition rather than tradition. A heated, climate controlled Vinyasa flow practice, CorePower Yoga heals, detoxifies and exhilarates the body and mind with emphasis on movement, balance and intention. A great class for students who are ready to take the next step in their journey, CorePower Yoga 2 connects the body to the mind and spirit through intense flow and Ujjayi breathing techniques, helping students get to the "Core" of their being.

Bethany lead a lovely class that was both simple and challenging.  The flow sequence was really delightful and could be adapted to both beginners and experienced practitioners.   She offered ways to up the pose and decrease the pose and moved around the room offering adjustments and encouragement. 
The room...was not as pleasant.  It was about 95* and humid.  About halfway through I suddenly felt nauseous and a bit light headed.  I do have low blood pressure (98/62) and couldn't get my heart to stop pounding.  Childs pose and modifications were necessary.   Any thing with my hands over my head was not good.  Ujjayi breath had to go away.   It took a good 10-15 minutes at the conclusion of class to get my heart to stop pounding.  I was dripping wet. 
An aside - I do question the use of the Ujjayi breath in a heated environment - Ujjayi is used to heat the torso, so do you really want to be heating the body when it's 95*?   Just a thought....
I returned the next day and attended a C1 class led by Valerie. 
CorePower Yoga 1 – Introduction to Power Yoga: A great class for beginners, CorePower Yoga 1 is a Vinyasa yoga done in a non-heated environment, with a slower-paced flow than CorePower Yoga 2. Postures are broken down (demonstrated), and instructors lead the flow at a deliberate pace with an emphasis on alignment and breath. An interactive class, students are encouraged to ask questions and explore the postures as they are ready. A great place to start your CorePower Yoga journey.
Yes, a beginning class, but it fit into my schedule and sometimes beginning classes can be just as challenging as a "upper level" session.  Valerie was a lovely instructor who moved around the room offering encouragement and adjustments as she worked with her regulars.  The room was NOT heated, but pleasantly warm.  I really enjoyed the flow and sequencing of this class and wouldn't hesitate to go back again. 
Overall, a good first impression of a CorePower studio.   I may try a C2 (heated class) again, now knowing that I should not add the Ujjayi in at the beginning and to keep my hands below my heart from the start.  

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