Sunday, November 13, 2011

Aparigraha and Andy

My beloved hound Andy is doing his best to teach me aparigraha (non-attachment).  I am doing my best to teach Andy that no means "no". 

This is Andy.  Don't let those beautiful almond eyes and uber soft fuzzy ears fool you into being a crooning puddle of lovey dovey.

This is my (expensive) cotton yoga mat, now being reused as a throw rug.  This is what Andy has done to my cotton yoga mat


I'm not sure what he has against my cotton yoga mat/rug.  I think he's trying to tell me to just 'let it go'.  I'm cool with that (it's being used as a rug after all).  But still... chewing holes in it?   Dude.  Not cool.


PS - he only does this in the Morning, while I'm pulling breakfast and lunches together.  I suspect that it just smells really really good to him and he wants to have clean teeth before breakfast.

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