Friday, October 21, 2011

Teaching and Taking Classes

Bear with me - I had a convoluted thought process regarding this post: 

First - Yoga North switched up their schedule a bit this Fall, which enabled me to take a class right after the one I lead on Thursdays.  I'm not completely thrilled about being in town for 13 hours, but the class and timing worked out so I can cope for one day a week.

Second - As I was leaving afore mentioned class a couple weeks ago, a student recognized me and expressed surprise that the 'teacher' was taking a class.  I smiled and said, "Yup!" (I'm not one for platitudes like "oh, we are all students".  Just sounds so hoity toity.).  There are actually three instructors from the studio taking this particular session. 

Lastly -  Ecoyogini wrote a blog post regarding a home practice (Yoga Class Dropout) as it relates to taking classes in Halifax a while back, which got me to thinking about home and studio practices.

And I realized something about why me, myself and I, don't care for a home practice.

I lead 4-5  classes a week.  I work full time.  I leave the house at 730am in the morning and I don't get home till after 500p on non-yoga nights.  Yoga nights it's after 700p.   I have a Husband, two active dogs,  and a house.  Finding time at home what with yard work - we live on 40 acres, our yard is an acre unto itself, I have a HUGE garden - dinner, laundry, spouse time, etc, is...problematic.   I don't feel comfortable practicing at home.  It's my space to unwind, relax, chill, take a load off.  Trying to do asana at home makes me edgy and irritable. 

But there was more to it.  When I do my own practice, I want to be able to turn my brain off completely. I don't want to be thinking of yet another routine. I do that 4-5x a week as it is.  When I do an asana practice, I want to be able to just enjoy the practice for what it is, not be thinking about, "oh, I could do this in class!" or "this is cool, the Thursday class would enjoy this!" or "Awesome routine! I need to write this down..."  I don't want to be jiggling the mouse on my computer when it goes to sleep mid-stretch.  I don't want to be locking myself in a room.  I hate locking myself in a room to do yoga...

If I'm in a studio setting, my focus stays on my practice.  Not my upcoming class, not wondering if the husband forgot the dogs outside, not thinking that I should be doing laundry/dishes/cleaning/yardwork/relaxing.

This, I thought, was huge revelation about myself.  Interesting...


Picture found on the web by googling Buddha pictures.


Sara said...

Hey Kristin - Nice post. I am with you on the home practice thing. I don't want to do more asana either. But occasionally I do want to do lots more relaxing, so Yoga Nidra mp3's have really come in handy. I can lay down for 20 minutes and relax to a guided meditation. Of course we don't live in the country any more so I don't have near as much out door space to maintain as you. :)

~Christy said...

Good for you, recognizing what works. Yoga always teaches us to take what works and leave the rest. By honoring your experience, you're honoring yourself. Love it!

Kat said...

I also work a full-time job and teach 2-3 times a week (two classes are mine and I often sub). I'm like you in that I enjoy being the student and not having to think about what comes next.