Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finding gratitude

First, I'd like to thank everyone for their comments on Bitter Sweet Partings. That posting seemed to have struck a cord with many readers - as students and instructors, how blessed we are to be able to travel together even if for a little while! Our lives are so much richer for it.

It was thinking of how grateful I am to have met and known so many people that I noticed the theme of gratitude popping up in a variety places: a TV commercial where someone does a good deed, a nearby person notices, then they do a good deed; Linda-Sama's blog with the post on the passing of her feline friend; a fellow yoga friend who frequently subs for me when I can't make my noon class at the Y due to work conflicts thanked me for having a noon class; and in a USAA financial magazine (Summer 2010).

The title of the article is called Find Your Financial Mojo by Jean Chatzky and in it, as with many financial articles she is emphasizing healthy money habits. There are eight bulleted items:

1) Optimism
2) Resilience
3) Passion
4) Connectedness
5) Intuition
6) Saving habitually
7) Investing in stocks
8) Gratitude

I was intrigued with the list. It was so very yogic to me even with item #6 and #7. One could substitute 'investing in stocks" for 'investing in yourself', I suppose. Finding a yogic analogy for #6 is proving to be a bit harder what with non-attachment and non-hording.

But it was item eight that surprised me: it said, "...understand the importance of giving back - and being thankful for what [you] have - to tie it all together. Gratitude is the antidote to materialism. Materialism is obsessing on what you desire. Gratitude is appreciating what you have. To get more of it into your life, use these words daily; grateful, thankful, gift, lucky, fortunate. You'll start feeling richer in no time."

A daily attitude of gratitude. I love it!

So fellow readers, where have you been finding yogic messages?

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Emma said...

The Moth podcasts. Today I listened to two shows: one about a fundamentalist Christian being flashed by a girl in a van, and deciding he needed to change the idea of what a miracle is. The other about a man who was attacked by a gang, nearly died, and then had a car accident a week or so later (and nearly died again). He definitely had an attitude of gratitude.