Sunday, May 16, 2010

Repost: Killing Yoga's Sacred Cows from Linda's Yoga Journey

Linda-Sama from Linda's Yoga Journey reposted this blog from Dec 2008. I had not yet discovered Linda at that time...actually, there's a good possibility I wasn't even yoga blogging then.

But having recently discovered Yin Yoga and Paul Grilly's DVD's, I loved this so much that I had to link/post it here. It really sum's up what I've been contemplating in my own practice and sessions. We are NOT the same. We will NEVER be the same.

On one end of the spectrum I have a 6'7" gentleman in my class with 4' long legs. Seriously. His legs alone are 4' long. On the other end of the spectrum I have a 5' gal who is so petite but with an incredibly tight back and hips. Simply no flexibility there. I have 20 year old college kids, 40 year old parents, 62 year old retired guys. You simply cannot convince me there is one pose that fits all.

Another reason this resonates with me is in the Ashtanga/Vinyasa tradition, because of the flowing nature of the practice, it's the flow that matters and less so the 'correctness' of the postures. There simply isn't time, nor is it appropriate to stop the flow and break something down. It is the nature of the practice that the body is supposed to find it's own place in the pose.

This isn't to say that a person shouldn't be safe in a posture! Safety first! I don't want someone to hurt themselves - if a simple correction or adjustment would be of benefit.

Please, take a moment and read this. Even if you don't agree with everything it has to say, it still has some great tidbits to take back to your practice. I'm going to print it out for my classes.

Killing Yoga's Sacred Cows

Thank you Linda!!


Linda-Sama said...

and thank YOU for the link love!

I want to say that I am ALL ABOUT SAFETY! but not at the expense of someone's body when we are all different.

to anyone who might have a different opinion, all I will say is what Paul says: look at the pictures of the bones. He has always said that if someone can prove him wrong about what he says, he will stop teaching.

Linda-Sama said...

and you can always go to and print out his pics of the bones...he welcomes that.

Emma said...

like linda says.. i am all about safety... which is largely about helping students get into their own bodies and really be aware of what they are feeling.

so much to say on this... could be a whole new post!

thanks for the link

I love that man.

Bob Weisenberg said...

I enjoyed Linda's article as well.

My wife Jane and I just signed up for Linda's Yin workshop in Chicago on June 26th. We're very excited about it.

Bob Weisenberg