Monday, March 8, 2010

Bryan Kest Power Yoga Workshop

Oh joy! I'm going to a workshop next weekend! I love workshops; they provide me an opportunity to be a student for a little while. My biggest challenge at these weekends is to turn off the 'teacher brain': the bit of me that's always looking for new ideas to bring back to class, the subtle rubber necking to watch what adjustments the instructor does, the compulsive note taking. To practice aparigraha: to let go and just be present in the moment.

That is why I love workhops.

Yoga Center of Minneapolis - Power Yoga with Bryan Kest

BRYAN KEST: Power Yoga Workshop
Friday, March 12 - Sunday, March 14

This weekend is an immersion in the practice of yoga that strengthens not just the body, but more importantly, the qualities of our mind that have the largest impact on our physical well-being. These workshops will be strong, well-rounded, yet simple physical practices that leave every nook and cranny in our bodies vibrating with vitality while challenging our minds in the sense of strengthening the qualities of mind that are most useful, positive and powerful, and eradicating the qualities of our mind that are harmful and stress-inducing. They will strengthen qualities such as calmness, patience, focus, gentleness, gratitude, humility and acceptance, while weakening qualities such as judgment, competitiveness, distraction, reaction, and criticism. If you feed qualities of mind, they will grow big and strong, and if you don’t feed them, they will weaken and die. Since our physical practice is such a fertile environment for most all of these qualities to arise, our physical practice becomes an opportunity to strengthen the qualities we want to be strong and to weaken and eradicate the qualities we find harmful.


Emma said...

i started my blog because i found myself obsessively taking sequencing notes... it's helped!

yogiclarebear said...

oh great! i am looking forward to hearing about this. i was considering it myself, and actually have one of my regular practitioners going to practice with him over the weekend. i felt it might be a little to intense for me. i hope you have a GREAT workshop, gain new ideas and knowledge, and find some BEING for yourself! :)