Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Meditate?

This was too good of a post not to direct your attention to: Linda's Yoga Journey - Wisdom from my Yoga Teacher.

I know many, if not most, of my students deplore meditation. I belong to an informal Saturday morning yoga group where it is frequently 8-10 folks participating. Only 2 of us do meditation after a session, the rest flee as if we are doing something so totally foreign to them. The studio I frequent offers a guided meditation once a week and usually only draws in a handful of people.

Personally, I marvel at the fear and arrogance surrounding the concept and even suggestion of meditation: I can't sit still, it's boring, I have better things to do with my time...the list of excuses I've heard goes on. And they are excuses. I've used some of them myself.

But I ask you, please READ Linda's post. She has some amazing insight that might just change your mind.



Brenda P. said...

Every once and awhile I teach a pranayama class (if you can even call it that--mostly just variations on lengthening and shorten the breath). I always preface it with the explanation that it will the hardest class I teach.

I have been thinking about attending a meditation class held once a month and a studio the next town over. A Buddhist monk from Madison leads it. I'm very curious and I think it would do me a world of good.

I'm miserable at calming the fluctuations...

Kristin said...

Go for it Brenda! :)

While I still struggle with bringing my self to stillness, once I'm there, I LOVE it. I love the quietness, I love the feeling of just being, I love the feeling of NOT doing. It really does recharge the batteries.

Linda-Sama said...

thanks for the link love!

I have to say that if I had my own teacher training, a 10 day vipassana retreat would be a REQUIREMENT for the trainees to receive a certificate. REQUIREMENT. 10 DAYS OF SILENCE.

There is a place in Rockford, IL that is traditional Goenka vipassana -- and it's free (you give dana.)

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