Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Week!

I have been undecided about what to post for this week. Should I comment on this oh-so-very-historic presidential nomination or something else? Two posts on blogs that I follow swayed my opinion and I decided to link to their posts.

Brenda over on Grounding Through the Sitbones comments ever so beautifully on Let's be the Change

I couldn't agree more. President Obama speaks of change, but change can only happen if it starts with us. BE that change.

And that change could start here, with a posting from Dee on Tangled up in Sticks and String:

"Now that we have an African-American president, a woman Speaker of the House, a governor with physical limitations, Hispanic, Jewish and Muslim people in Congress, and a woman over 40 has won an Olympic gold medal and gone into space (different woman, of course, not the same one --- NOW can we please stop describing the accomplishments of people with an limiting adjective before their name.

We will never over-come racism, ageism, or prejudice of every kind until we stop describing winners and people of accomplishment as "the first black man to become president", the "oldest man in space", the "first Cuban refugee to win public office", etc...

In my not so humble opinion, adding these qualifiers to any one's accomplishment diminishes what they have done. It's almost like saying, "wow, who wudda thunk a blind guy could play the piano like that", or "for a woman you done good".

Why can't we just honor the person and their accomplishment--- not the black person, not the old person, not the handicapped person --- just the person.

This is my hope for the future. After all today, more than most, is all about the audacity of hope and the promise of change.

Good luck to you President Obama. You have a challenging road ahead of you and I look forward to seeing your promise of tomorrow's change becoming today's reality."

Have a great week everyone!

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