Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Adjustment Clinic: Inversions, Balances, Backbending

I had the opportunity to carpool down to Minneapolis this past Saturday for this workshop:

Adjustments Clinic for Yoga Teachers & Trainers:
Inversions, Balances, Backbending and Seated Poses

Yoga Center of Minneapolis
Saturday, November 221:30 - 5:30pm
led by Tanya Boigenzahn

I had a wonderful time! It was a relatively small class, probably about 17 people of varying experience: from folks who have been teaching for a while to students who wanted to know more about adjustments. I was disappointed to find out that this was actually workshop #2 in a series, but happy to find out there may be more.

Tanya leads a very fluid, open, and dynamic class. She first finds out what the class composition is and then structures the class around requests. This group didn't have much in the way of specific requests so Tanya started right off with balance poses, moved briefly into downdog, then onto inversions and backbending. We ran out of time to go over seated poses, so hopefully she will incorporate that into a future workshop.

She would have someone come up front to be the "beginning student" and go over the basics of a pose and how she would approach adjusting someone in it. Then we would break into groups of two or three and practice on each other. This is what I liked, being able to give and receive feedback.

Much of the session was a review for me, but I also learned so many new and neat things that I filled up 3 pages with notes! Tanya took pictures of us during the session and will send us the handouts afterwards - I liked this approach as well as this way she wasn't confined to a set lecture and can really personalize the notes when she sends them out.

This was also my first time at this studio and it was just lovely! It is situated in the old warehouse district in Minneapolis (off of Hennepin and Washington Ave for those of you familiar with the area). High ceilings with the big wooden beams and old glass window fronts. I love old architecture. I felt very comfortable visiting; there was someone at the desk to greet us and show us where everything was. The other students were from the area - Tanya knew about 1/2 the class already - but I didn't feel like I walked into someones clique.

I look forward to being able to visit this studio again.

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