Monday, February 11, 2008

I for Interesting Blog sites

Brenda from Grounding Through the Sit Bones wrote a comment on the last post to let me know that she posted me as one of her favorite blog sites this week! I am throughly touched that she thought of me amongst so many great sites on the web.

Now it is my turn to list my favorite sites. It's supposed to be 10, but I don't spend a tremendous amount of time on the computer so it's only 7. It's an eclectic mix that represents my hobbies: eating, knitting, science fiction books, and yoga. In no particular order:

Chocolate and Zucchini by Clotilde. A food blog from a Parisian's point of view.

Culinary in the Country by Joe. Another food blog with beautiful pictures.

Michael Ruhlman: Notes from the Food World by Michael Ruhlman. Author of Making of a Chef. A blog on "how to" make good food and the world of chefs as seen by a Chef.

Lollyknitting Around by Lolly. Crafts (weaving, knitting), photography and travel. Georgeous pictures.

The Daily Stitch by Dee

Grounding Through the Sit Bones by Brenda. The inspiration for this blog. Even though I do not teach an Iyengar style, I enjoy the practice for it's thouroughness in inner and outer detail.

Disorganized as Usual by Gail. Freinds since 7th grade...did our first science fiction convention in about, oh, 1986. Have since been to 14 Minicon's and 2 Worldcons. Convinced me to try knitting and blogging, too. Yes, I am a bit of a geek! :)

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Jeff C. said...

hum, does yoga and all that food go together? I think it should for sure. I think I need to start yoga.